Cobra 80 Repeating Magazine Plans
Do-It-Yourself Repeater Cobra 80 lb. Plans

Easy to read CAD designed DIY plans for a Cobra 80 pistol mini crossbow self-loading magazine clip that allows you to shoot, cock, shoot and repeat without having to manually load every time (much like and other DIY youtubers have made). Plans include, repeating auto-loading magazine, handle and extended riffle gun stock shoulder rest. The plans come in US and Metric measurements. The magazine holds 8 bolts, and uses duel rubber band tension design with a wooden slide, pulls up for fast reloading without resetting rubberbands. All of the parts are designed to be made of 1/4'' (6.35mm) hard wood (readily available at Home Depot, hardware or hobble stores). All the parts bolt and screw onto the crossbow so they are fully removable. This mod will work with any of the copies of cobra 80 lb. mini cross bow pistols with lever self-cocking action sold under many labels and names though the plans are made using an aluminum stock gold metal side version

Tools Needed: Drill, sand paper of file, dial caliper (micrometer), hand coping saw or band saw (optional: table saw)

Plans $15
27 Pages, US and Metric
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keith yost designs

>Crossbow: Cobra 80 lb Repeater Magazine Clip